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The following research reports are available from DSR Marketing Systems Inc.:


Report Title
Trader Joe's: Characteristics, Consumer Appeal, and Performances
April 2019
Casing Estimates: Walmart Supercenters
February 2019
Aldi: Estimating Individual Store Sales
December 2018
Lidl: American Grocery's Next Disruption
August 2017
Aldi: A Study in Evolution and Growth
November 2015
An Image Audit of Sprouts Farmers Market
June 2014
Understanding Trader Joe's: It's Appeal, Growth and Performances
September 2012
An Image Audit of The Fresh Market
July 2008
Whole Foods and The Consumer: Shopping Patterns and Perceptions
February 2007
Ten Years After: Super Walmart's Impact on Victoria, Texas
January 2005
Ten Years After: Super Walmart's Impact on Dickson, Tennessee
October 2004
After The Blitz: An Image Audit in Oklahoma City
December, 2002
How Walmart and Target Supercenters Measure Up:
An Image Audit in Orlando, Florida
June 2001

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