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Professional Background

Professional Background

Dr. David Rogers


SAINSBURY PLC, London, England
British supermarket  retailer
Head of Site Potential Statistics

PhD., University of Reading, England
M.S., University of Wisconsin, U.S.A
B.A., University of Bristol, England

Assistant Director at the Annual Retail Location Seminar,
    Oxford University Institute of Retail Management


Why Do So Many Small Stores Fail?
Winsight Grocery Business. February 2020.

The Real Estate Glut Calls for Caution.
Supermarket News. May 2019.

Competing in a Twin-Pressure Grocery Market.
Winsight Grocery Business. April 2019.

Warning Signs from the UK Grocery Scene.
Winsight Grocery Business. December 2019.

Why Lidl Won’t Go Away.
Supermarket News. July 2017.

Lidl Looms Large.
Winsight Grovery Business. July 2017.

Retail Lessons from The UK.
Supermarket News. December 2016.

The Status of Supermarket Site Research.
Food Marketing Institute. Facts About Store Development. 2007.

Retail Location Analysis in Practice.
International Council of Shopping Centers. Research Review. Vol. 14, No. 2, 2007.

New Challenges for Site Research.
Grocery Headquarters. New York. 2006.

More From The Store.
Grocery Headquarters. New York. 2005.

Developing a Location Research Methodology.
Journal of Targeting, London, England. May 2005

How To Prepare For Walmart.
Canadian Grocer, Toronto, Ontario. February 2005

Department Store Prospects.
European Retail Digest. Oxford, England. September 2001

Co-Editor (with Dr. Ross Davies)
Store Location and Store Assessment Research.
John Wiley. Chichester, Sussex, England.

Contributor to:
Supermarket News (New York, NY)

Winsight Grocery Business (Chicago, IL)

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