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The FIT Program

FIT is an EXCEL-based program which employs consumer research insights to evaluate the
differing appeals of thirteen (13) different grocery store formats, such as Limited Assortment
stores, Natural/Organic stores, and Supercenters, to their targeted consumer segments.

The program measures the "acceptance" (FIT) of thirteen (13) different grocery store formats to the precise demographics of a specific local grocery market. The program is based on five (5) key demographic variables (age, education, household size, income, and race/ethnic
background) and the breakdown of the target area's population into sub-categories of each of these demographic variables. The program provides a matrix of FIT scores or indices (100 being average) by store (based on its format type) and by sector.

FIT is a central component of Gravitec Development's Sitesplus gravity model and is also
available from DSR as a freestanding software program. In the latter mode, FIT is particularly useful as a market screening tool. .... identifying (1) the best locations for specific grocery formats within an urban area, and/or (2) the best grocery format(s) for a specific site or location.

The FIT Program is available on an annual lease basis, and is regularly updated.

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