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DSR Marketing Systems Offers

A practical and specialist understanding of retailing.

Creative, quality-controlled research and analysis.

Location analysis employing gravity and statistical models, as well as traditional techniques

Research experience for a wide variety of retail, restaurant and shopping center clients in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Iceland, Poland, Saudi Arabia, USA and the United Arab Emirates.

Market research studies that produce practical answers to management problems.

The Image AuditSM ; a custom telephone survey service designed for individual "problem" stores or for combating new competition.

Specialist software programs which estimate consumer spending in local areas: Fuel Potential, Furniture Potential, PCRx (for prescriptions) and the PCW Program for supermarket-type merchandise.

Expert witness testimony concerning competition issues, eminent domain impacts, market sizes and feasibility, and parking requirements.

DSR Marketing Systems Example Assignments The Image AuditSM Subscription Research The PCW ProgramSM The PCRX ProgramSM
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